The Church Family

The Church Family

Why we come together as a body of believers.

Our Mission

The mission of Faith Bible Church is to maintain a place of testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ; to reach the unsaved through the preaching of Jesus Christ at home and abroad; to administer the Word of God and the ordinances for the edification of believers; and to afford a center for the worship of God.

Our Focus

We live in a rapidly changing, fast-paced and complicated world. Our goal is that our message be relevant to the needs of contemporary culture while remaining biblically sound. Faith Bible Church exists for the purpose of proclaiming the truths of God’s Word, but not in a vacuum. We sense the urgency of meeting the needs of people in our community with God’s answers to real problems.

It is our firm conviction that the answers to the deepest needs in people’s lives can only be met through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the proper application of the principles of Scripture to our lives. Therefore we are compelled to use every reasonable means to fulfill our mission to make disciples for Jesus Christ and to worship God.

Our History and Distinctive

Faith Bible Church was formally organized in the spring of 1985. The church has been meeting in its present location since 1989. The church’s first pastor, Dr. Richard Seefried, ministered at FBC from 1985 until January of 1997.

As a Bible church, FBC exists as a group of believers who hold to the historic faith and believe the Bible teaches essential and basic truths. These beliefs include the deity and virgin birth of Christ, the death of Christ in the sinner’s place, His bodily resurrection, and the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture.

FBC is not affiliated with any denomination and is therefore governed by its own constitution and the church government, which the constitution sets forth. The major distinctive of a Bible church involves an emphasis on the worship of God, the practical teaching of the Word of God, the equipping of the saints to do the work of God, and outreach into the world with the Gospel of Christ.

Our Personality

We are a lot of different things, but above all else, we are people –people from a variety of walks of life, a broad spectrum of ages, and with many different backgrounds, abilities, needs, and interests. We are drawn together by a mutual desire to know God in a personal way, to worship Him, and to live lives that please Him. Therefore we place a great emphasis on the study of God’s Word, the Bible, as our guidebook for life.

Faith Bible Church is a place where you will feel welcome, where people care about you as an individual, where your spiritual needs can be met, and where God’s grace is experienced and shared. We welcome you to come and take part in the fellowship of our growing church.

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